Increased the speed with which leads were contacted, improving conversion rates.


ICAI is a polytechnic school whose academic activity focuses on industrial and telecommunications technologies. Comillas ICAI has been training leaders in the industrial sector for over 100 years and has been awarded the title of best university in Spain and seventh in the world in terms of the employability of its graduates, according to QS Graduate Employability Rankings (2020).

The challenge we faced was to design a model of management, control and end-to-end visualisation of leads, from recruitment to enrolment closure, and to streamline and automate procedures for greater efficiency.


Supported by technology we were able to design a unique customer journey for all leads (coming from 9 sources including events, media buys etc…).

We also integrated a pre-qualification call centre to quickly (24h) identify leads that did not meet the requirements and reduce the burden on U. Comillas interns and increase conversion.

In this way we are able to know in real time the source, status, reason for purchase or not of the programme and where each potential customer is in the customer journey.



in reserve out of a total of 40


sale of all available places in the pilot master’s programme

We manage to increase the speed with which leads are contacted and therefore improve conversion rates.

It should be noted that 100% of all available places for the pilot master’s degree were sold. (+5 in reserve out of a total of 40).

In addition, there was a noticeable improvement in all management and coordination procedures of the different university departments involved.
Finally, insights and audiences for learning and future campaigns were generated.