We optimized all acquisition costs by changing the attribution model and introducing smart and advanced bidding strategies.


Pastón is a Spanish betting house, they operate in the market since 2015 and in the summer of 2018 they are active on Google Ads.

As a young company their main goal was to attract new registrations.

Pastón cliente Apache


We simplified the account with advanced bidding strategies allowing us to improve acquisition costs. We analyzed the performance of the account and decided to change the attribution model. Data driven marketing and smart bidding let us go to a deeper level reaching better results and effectiveness.

Actions carried out:

  • Google attribution – We used the Google attribution tool to understand what benefits we would have by changing the attribution model to a more complex one and which model would be the most beneficial for Pastón.
  • Smart Bidding – Through Google’s advanced bidding strategies we were able to understand what was the best recommended strategy to optimise their acquisition costs without reducing the volume of new registrations.
  • Audiences – We understood that by applying audiences to Search campaigns on observation mode, Smart Bidding had more criteria to optimize the campaigns.


Account registration+33%-10%
Account creation+18%-16%

*Results achieved after 6 months

Thanks to the implementation of observation mode in audiences we improved 9% the conversion rate