Unit 1

Unit 1 run out of stock in just 4 weeks


Designing a full funnel strategy to launch a brand new product on USA.

A group of riders got together to create the ultimate combo of music & communication inside a helmet


Apache proposed a 360 strategy by starting to gain leads from potential customers before the product launch date. The goal was to increase interest in the brand on platforms such as Indiegogo to validate the product.

Secondly we launched a pure performance direct strategy focused on the database and the generation of lookalikes on platforms such as FB ads.


2/3 stock

sold in just 4 weeks

2 weeks


Unit 1 achieved their goals earlier than planned selling more than 2/3 of its stock in just 4 weeks and reaching breakeven in less than two weeks


¿Sabías que el 70% del gasto de los consumidores depende de la opinión de terceros?

No te pierdas el informe que hemos lanzado desde Apache parte de LLYC y Appinio, donde descubrimos insights tan impactantes como este, acerca de la influencia que tienen las reviews online en las compras del retail.