360º strategy to reduce acquisition costs


Betsson is an online gambling operator that operates in a highly saturated advertising market and needs to differentiate itself without having a brand cost overrun that affects the profitability of its operations. The new operator’s value proposition is to offer the largest number of markets and casino games available and its goal is to position itself as a reference for entertainment and fun. Betsson challenged APACHE to design a scalable and profitable acquisition strategy based on quality content.


Besides regular gambling and casino players, Apache identified new potential customer niches to increase brand territory, and we established an integrated digital content, paid media, events and PR strategy to reach these new cold audiences. Using Facebook as the main channel, we produced a weekly podcast, a video blog, agreements with the media, events, actions with influencers, concerts and a series of actions that generated positive interactions with the brand in territories outside the betting area. With all these interactions, we have produced lists of hot, micro-segmented audiences to impact them with promotional actions.



reduction in CPA


increase in ROAS

The conversion actions on these users with high brand notoriety have reduced the acquisition costs by 19% compared to traditional performance strategies, this budget optimization lead to an increase in ROAS of 38%

With all the content developed, millions of users have been impacted to interact with the brand, creating more than 40 lists of different micro-segmented hot audiences where conversion strategies have worked